While projected into the future, Matera, 2019 European Capital of Culture, is a treasure chest that preserves numerous artifacts from the past. The City of ‘Sassi’ fascinates its visitors with its millenary history and characteristic ‘old town’ as being completely carved out of the rock. This area is characterised by karst topography with valleys and ravines where the well-known rock-hewn settlement developed over the course of history. The Materasum Hypogeum is a marvellous example of an underground environment carved out of limestone and brought to light through the carefully planned intervention of restoration and conservation. Alongside a number of renowned wonders of the city such as rock-hewn churches, cisterns, and the whole rocky settlement of the so-called Sassi, a unique environment of MateraSum Hypogeum brings with it a certain appeal, allowing to visit what has been admirably defined as “an extraordinary palimpsest of patterns of settlement that date from a very remote age”. Visiting these ancient dwellings, spaces completely carved out of the rock, with openings for light and air, we can imagine the daily life of the "underground civilization". A fascinating journey through space and time that will take you to the very heart of Matera, one of the oldest cities in the world.


  • Prices:

  • Daytime Visit
    General admission: €7
    Concessions (11-17 years old): €5
    Free admission: children under 11 and people with disabilities

  • Night-time visit
    General admission: €15
    Discounted Ticket (11-17 years old): €10
    Concessions for children under 11 and people with disabilities: €3

  • Family Packages (2 adults and 2 children)
    Daytime Ticket: €21
    Night-time Ticket: €30

  • Duration: 30 min

  • Meeting Point:
    Recinto XX Settembre 7 Street, Matera

  • Services Included: Multilingual audio guide, Explicative video of Matera

  • Green Pass is required