We set out on our Trekking in the Garden of the Gods in Colle Impiso to arrive to the Piani di Pollino. Here you will enjoy a splendid view of the main peaks which are over 2000 m high: Monte Pollino, Serra Dolcedorme, S. del Prete, S. delle Ciavole, S. di Crispo. Crossing the plateaus, full of lush greenery and flowers in spring, you will reach a clump of Loricati Pines which like sentinels announce anybody who approaches the Garden of the Gods, the most magical place in the Park.


  • Prices:
    Full Ticket: € 35

  • Meeting Point: Località San Primo 35, 87014 Laino Borgo, Cosenza

  • Duration: Approximately 4 h

  • Services Included: Licensed guides, transfer to/from embarkation/disembarkation point, insurance, snacks, areas with facilities, parking area

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